5 TIPS TO WAKE UP @ 4:30 A.M

To be productive, we must utilize the time we have and use it judiciously. This also means a commitment to excellence which does not come by chance but by tactful planning and maximum effort. I have compressed my wake-up routine into 5 steps to share with you and hopefully it buoys you to rise early... Continue Reading →


Patience is an important attribute in life. Without it a lot will go wrong; dreams and aspirations will be shattered. There is a proverb that says " A patient dog eats the fattest bone". This saying might no longer be true but the message stays the same and is true. Patience is a virtue and... Continue Reading →

Explore and Become

We are powerful beyond measure, created to dominate and conquer everything made by God. He gave us that power and dominion but we limit ourselves to small things and concentrate on a niche in order to fit in and be known for that thing, which is not bad in itself. The question I do have... Continue Reading →

Would You Turn Down The Request of Your Mother?

At the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee, Jesus' time had not come but at the request of His mother, He performed His first miracle to meet the need of the wedding guests. Click here for the full story. Just take a brief moment and imagine how you would feel on your astronomically immense day when... Continue Reading →

It Begins with Self Love Part Two

This is the concluding part of the series I started a week ago. As you read and assimilate, please take the practical steps suggested to practice love for self and others. Please leave your suggestions and comments below 4 tips toward building a loving world Self love is selfless. Self love is not when you... Continue Reading →

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