Hey!!! Is so good to have you here welcome. I am Bibobra Alabrah but you can call me Michael if that is easier, an occasional blogger and everyday data scientist, Petroleum Engineer, and Petrophysicist.

The mission of Direct Insights is to help people to live a very productive, effective and happy lifestyle. The focus is on practical steps and tips to inspire and encourage self-growth. Expect high quality content!

Also as a means to showcase my data science skills, analytics projects are located in the portfolio section.

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I hold a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and a Master of Science degree, a Data Science and Machine Learning Enthusiast. I have been privileged to make a series of national and international research presentations spanning Calabar & Lagos (Nigeria), Kampala (Uganda), Society of Petroleum Engineers International Conference in Houston Tx & a guest speaker at the Department of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas KS (US).

I love to help people achieve incredible things and I believe that we are all blessed and are here for a reason. I will be the happiest person to be a part of your journey of self-discovery.

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